Modular Sound Diffuser Configured In Undulating Pattern
Deep Shift Modular Sound Diffuser configured in a compression burst configuration.

Sound diffusers are a version of acoustic panels that have been around a long time. They use a large number of pegs and wells to break up sound waves and echoes, while not trapping the energy in those waves. The goal is to turn the sound waves into white noise. This leaves more of a lively sound in the space or on the recording.

Historically, they have been time and resource consuming to build or expensive to purchase. Handling the materials for each well is a labor intensive process. And once the diffuser is constructed, you’re stuck with that particular configuration.

To solve this problem, and to allow the addition of diffusers to your space to be an ongoing process, we’ve engineered a system of modular 2D skyline sound diffusers.

These diffusers employ plates, each containing a number of pegs and wells, engineered to maximize sound diffusion effectiveness and reduce duplicate patterns. These plates can be slid back and forth and locked in place to create various shapes and sizes of diffusers to fit your space, aesthetics and budget.

You can mount them horizontal or vertically. You can add shelf plates. You can link diffusers together in each direction. They can also be flown from the ceiling to help reduce those reflections.

Here’s a video showing some of the different configurations these Audamod 2D Skyline can be configured in. If you have specific needs, reach out and we can likely come up with a solution.

@livelearndo You have the option to change the size and shape of our modular sound diffusers. #musicstudio #acousticpanel #sounddiffuser #wallart #recording ♬ Clock It – Clutch