Skyline Diffuser Gobo – Freestanding Acoustic Isolation 1.1kHz-10kHz


  • Handmade
  • Materials: plywood, steel hardware, aluminum channel
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  • Height: 48 inches
  • Width: 15 inches
  • Depth: 16 inches


Freestanding Skyline Sound Diffuser Gobo

This freestanding gobo can be used to help isolate music sources when recording live in the studio or live performances. Dense plywood construction and a randomized peg/well pattern prevent a majority of sound from penetrating through the isolating wall. Instead those sound waves are broken up and bounced back as white noise, minus echos and reflections.

This modular diffuser is created using a stack of multiple plates with a custom designed pattern of pegs and wells. This method allows for considerably more wells than conventional construction methods, and it provides an easy process to expand and reconfigure the final shape of the product to fit the space or personal aesthetic.

The upright diffuser is mounted to a sturdy base fitted with four caster wheels, allowing the gobo to easily be positioned for best performance.

The lower section of this particular diffuser is extra deep, increasing it’s capability to break up lower frequencies down to 1100Hz.

Each completed module will come as a standard rectangle, and can be reconstructed in any number of shapes as the plates can be slid laterally and locked in place with the structural pins. Additional plates and pins can be added to make unique forms and even cover entire walls.


Features of this module:
– 1240 individual pegs/wells
– Designed for 1.1kHz – 10kHz
– Prime number of well depths (7)
– Interlocking Aluminum Z-Channel Mounting Hardware Included

Slight variation in color and texture is to be expected due to the differences in available construction materials. You delivered piece will be very similar to the example shown. Due to the intricate nature and sheer volume of surfaces on this piece, some areas may have a rougher finish.

Some assembly may be required needed. Instructions are included.

Please contact us with questions or for custom requests. We are always looking for new directions to go and would love to make something fit your specific needs!


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